AKHIL (8:01 PM): hi
AKHIL (8:02 PM): were we friends in past ? ?
Abhay Thosar (8:02 PM): kem cho
Abhay Thosar (8:02 PM): i did not expect that you would forget me so soon
AKHIL (8:03 PM): મને એમ કે વિદેશ જઇને લોકોને ભૂલી જવાની બૂરી આદતનો તું ય ભોગ બન્યો હોય તો ? ?
AKHIL (8:03 PM): પણ ….. મેમુના પ્રવાસમાં દમ હતો …. એ તેં સાબિત કર્યું.
AKHIL (8:05 PM): ગુજરાતી વંચાય છે ?
AKHIL (8:05 PM): चान रेद ग्जाराति फोनतस ?
Abhay Thosar (8:05 PM): many times people expect that when someone goes abroad he/she should contact someone in India and people living in India do not even feel like contacting the person living abroad
AKHIL (8:05 PM): Can you read gujarati fonts ?
Abhay Thosar (8:06 PM): yes, how do I get the gujarati font
AKHIL (8:06 PM): well …… its a matter of heavier side of the coin.
AKHIL (8:07 PM): if you leave the mother land … its you to let us have ur contact details after you settle there.
AKHIL (8:07 PM): we have born UNchanged to die UNchanged in Motherland … wont you agree ? ?
AKHIL (8:07 PM): am I typing to fast for you Abhay ? ? ? ?
AKHIL (8:07 PM): tooooooooooo** *
Abhay Thosar (8:08 PM): well as a matter of fact, the people in motherland should be concerned whether the person living in foreign land is comfortable or atleast call to give some moral support
AKHIL (8:08 PM): and its not a tone of complaining …..
Abhay Thosar (8:08 PM): no I am not cmplaining atall
AKHIL (8:08 PM): we especially I KNOW the REAL side existing on the other side of the planet.
Abhay Thosar (8:09 PM): However, I am just sharing with you the mentallity of people in India since I know that you are a media person
AKHIL (8:09 PM): how HARD all of you have to burn your self to earn DOLLARS and pour your self into every minute.
AKHIL (8:10 PM): ooppsss..
AKHIL (8:10 PM): me and a media person ? ?
AKHIL (8:10 PM): was a human being then,, and now and forevery Abhay
Abhay Thosar (8:10 PM): They think that the person in foreign country earns in Dollars, however they forget that we also spend in dollars
Abhay Thosar (8:11 PM): I have very high regards for you
AKHIL (8:12 PM): Life in west …… people have a very ROSY and illusive image here …. but since am connected to more than many people from all over globe getting REAL information from every corner…. have understood ……. जैसा है वैसा ….. मेरा भारत मेरे लिये तो महान ही है ।
AKHIL (8:12 PM): very right
Abhay Thosar (8:12 PM): true I agree. Each coin has 2 sides
Abhay Thosar (8:15 PM): I hate the people who live here and sing Indian anthem, and always keep swearing at the systems here. I bluntly tell them if you are not comfortable here y dont you go back to India, however such people are hypocrits who come to India for 4 weeks and keep cursing US or Canada however within 4 weeks come back to US or Canada. Y ? ? ? ?
Abhay Thosar (8:16 PM): I hope you dont mind sharing my thoughts with you
AKHIL (8:16 PM): earning in dollars and spending in dollars ….. clean life, mechanical life, comfortable life more like a machine is WEST v/s earning in Ruppess and spending in Rupees like … hard life, lazy & looze life, comfortable life more like a social is EAST …. still changing scenario.
AKHIL (8:16 PM): hey … I like young minds like you when set to FIRE.
AKHIL (8:16 PM): be honest to the land where you LIVE and LEARN.
AKHIL (8:17 PM): rather ….. replace the word honest with LOYAL.
AKHIL (8:17 PM): If I live in India I am INDIAN.
AKHIL (8:17 PM): if I live in Canada ….. I am CANADIAN
AKHIL (8:17 PM): and ….. so on.
Abhay Thosar (8:18 PM): It is not the case. Even here we socialize every weekend. As I said every coin has 2 sides. However, if I see the positive side, compared to the population and MUSLIM increasing population I would rather suggest my friends to send their kids to other countriues so that they are not stigmatized by the reservation in our education systems
AKHIL (8:19 PM): I hope you would like to visit my website …..at www.akhiltv.com
Abhay Thosar (8:19 PM): You rightly said I am a true Canadian since it provided me the value for my education without any SC,ST or OBC reservations
Abhay Thosar (8:20 PM): do u have web cam and microphone? we can voice chat
AKHIL (8:20 PM): the time has come to expand way of thinking …. we must inculcate a sense of being GLOBAL CITIZENS with LOCAL RESPONCIBILITIES .
AKHIL (8:21 PM): I cant expect a Canadian doing something for India.
Abhay Thosar (8:21 PM): no never
AKHIL (8:21 PM): or Indian begging somthing from Canada.
Abhay Thosar (8:21 PM): definately business relations
Abhay Thosar (8:22 PM): try to make the most from the Indian system since I know how and when the govt officer can be bribed
AKHIL (8:22 PM): अरे यार, अपने बाजुओमें तना दम तो होना ही चाहिये की हम हमारी जरुरतों को पूरा कर ले।
Abhay Thosar (8:23 PM): India is defintely a strong economy at present and so I would make money investing in the stock market but would never think of settling in India
AKHIL (8:24 PM): There are always two sides …..of any thing / situation.
AKHIL (8:24 PM): its upto an individual how he/she gives favour.
Abhay Thosar (8:24 PM): i agree.
AKHIL (8:25 PM): I have chosen to be in India …. and work for my fellow countrymen.
AKHIL (8:26 PM): I DO NOT EXPECT many AKHIL sutarias around me !!!
Abhay Thosar (8:26 PM): but if u come across any NRI talking shit abot how they have to work hardin foreign country and it is good in India PLEASE tell them Y dont u come back to India and probably they will catch the next flight
Abhay Thosar (8:26 PM): I know there will never be any other Akhil ever.
AKHIL (8:26 PM): For working HARD they earn dollars.
AKHIL (8:27 PM): and for hardly any work we earn Rupees here … lols
AKHIL (8:27 PM): India is Shining and Gujarat is Vibrant !!!
Abhay Thosar (8:28 PM): i have much high respect for Narendra Modi
Abhay Thosar (8:28 PM): If I decide to come back to India it will be only for our Narendra Modi
Abhay Thosar (8:28 PM): If he becomes PM I will be back in India to serve HIM
AKHIL (8:29 PM): did u read my report on me travelling with Trupti from Umargam to Patan via Dahod covering all interior villages on the borders of MH, MP and RJ to a distance of 4350 kms and screening our films for 80,000 people ? ?
AKHIL (8:30 PM): He too has two sides.
Abhay Thosar (8:30 PM): ? ? ? ?
AKHIL (8:30 PM): it could be shokking and unbearable for any NM fan.
Abhay Thosar (8:31 PM): it is shocking
Abhay Thosar (8:31 PM): can you elaborate please
AKHIL (8:31 PM): I am talking this after my personal experience
AKHIL (8:31 PM): visit my blog
AKHIL (8:31 PM): I have mentioned many aspects
AKHIL (8:32 PM): go through previous pages of eNEWS letters from AKHIL TV.
AKHIL (8:33 PM): यार, दिखावे पे मत जाओ, अपनी अकल लगाओ.
Abhay Thosar (8:33 PM): how do u get the gujarati fonts?
AKHIL (8:33 PM): I have seen and video documented children of class 7 and 8 who CAN NOT WRITE THEIR NAMES IN GUJARATI LANGUAGE.
Abhay Thosar (8:35 PM): shu gujarat
Abhay Thosar (8:35 PM): sorry I was trying to type gujarati
AKHIL (8:35 PM): yeh,, I could see that.
AKHIL (8:36 PM): I will some other day give a lesson to USE GUJARATI fonts.
Abhay Thosar (8:36 PM): so what do u think that these kids cannot write or read
Abhay Thosar (8:36 PM): what is the possible reason
AKHIL (8:36 PM): they were not trained.
AKHIL (8:36 PM): poor and inappropriate teachers
AKHIL (8:37 PM): commercialisat ion of education and schools
AKHIL (8:37 PM): to be a teacher what is important ? ?
Abhay Thosar (8:37 PM): well selection criteria for teachers is HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU OFFER TO THE TRUSTEE
AKHIL (8:37 PM): education ? knowledge ? OR AN ABILITY TO TEACH ? ? ?
Abhay Thosar (8:38 PM): that’s what I meant when I said that there is no value for your education or you abilities unless you can offer BRIBE
AKHIL (8:38 PM): કોકડું એવું તો ગુય;ચવાઇ ગયુંખ છે ને કે મારે તો કાતર મારીને જ બધું જ કાઢી નાખવું છે.
AKHIL (8:39 PM): અને હવે હુ મારી ફિલ્મો દ્વારા લોકોમાં એવો અભિગમ કેળવાય એવા કામ કરું છુ;.
Abhay Thosar (8:39 PM): I know many people who are recruited as teachers and who are not at all eligible to teach
AKHIL (8:40 PM): wrong man in wrong place
AKHIL (8:40 PM): with wrong ability and wrong attitude
AKHIL (8:40 PM): did u see Rang De Basanti ? ?
AKHIL (8:41 PM): there are many ZEROs ….. all we need is JUST 1 ONE !!!
Abhay Thosar (8:41 PM): I agree, but how is NM responsible for everything
AKHIL (8:41 PM): c’mon …… he is the first responcible person of the state.
AKHIL (8:42 PM): with powers and vision if his systems are not cracking results at the cost of public money isnt he answerrable ?
Abhay Thosar (8:43 PM): I agree, but how much control does he have on evey school and every trustee in a population of 5 crores and that too in 5 years? ? ? ? ? ? ? This shit has been in place for YEARSSSSSSSSS how can you expect him to clean in a few Years
AKHIL (8:43 PM): he has hypnotised masses.
AKHIL (8:43 PM): is there a need for several KALYAN YOJANAS ?
AKHIL (8:44 PM): none of his any public benefit yojanas have helped the REAL beneficiary…
AKHIL (8:46 PM): what do you think of a POOR BRAHMIN YOUTH without job and so called children of BACKWARD OFFICER / BEUROCRATES IN chairs ? ?
AKHIL (8:47 PM): there are many ID cards …. like .. driving license , PAN card, electioon card, ration card …railway card, blood group card, age proof and……
AKHIL (8:48 PM): I have designed and SENT A COPY OF INDIAN CITIZEN CARD which will have HALLMARK and digitised information of the iNDIAN NATIONAL.
Abhay Thosar (8:48 PM): well NM did not create these casts….
AKHIL (8:49 PM): person without this CARD has to be simply driven out of the country.
Abhay Thosar (8:49 PM): the first thing we need to abolish in India is these reservation for jobs.
Abhay Thosar (8:49 PM): Y dont you speak up for that on your channel and blogs? ? ?
AKHIL (8:49 PM): he has a power to take decisions … and he enjoys this dsince 15 years.
AKHIL (8:50 PM): I have already presented my views …
Abhay Thosar (8:50 PM): give the SC, ST, OBC free education and free books but if they have the mettle in them they can succeed else not
Abhay Thosar (8:50 PM): I think if this one thing is taken care of many youths like me who left India will not leave in future and we will be rich in mental power
AKHIL (8:51 PM): its a matter of long term policy in context with growing population, economy and development of the community.
AKHIL (8:51 PM): No need …..
Abhay Thosar (8:51 PM): presently most of it is being drainde to foreign countries and most of the MNC’s are making money because of Indian brains
AKHIL (8:51 PM): Its good that people like you who are highly educated have left India.
AKHIL (8:52 PM): coz India is a country where poor people needs job
AKHIL (8:52 PM): and as they dont get a job .. crime rises up.
Abhay Thosar (8:52 PM): first of all stop calling yourself a poor country it reflects the mentality
AKHIL (8:52 PM): I wish all educated youth leave this nation.
AKHIL (8:52 PM): India is NOT POOR.
AKHIL (8:53 PM): poor is mentality
AKHIL (8:53 PM): poor is admin
AKHIL (8:53 PM): poor is discipline
Abhay Thosar (8:53 PM): now we are on the same page LOL
AKHIL (8:53 PM): poor is health
AKHIL (8:54 PM): And this has happend only because of HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE.
AKHIL (8:55 PM): HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE have kept on banging their trumpets in conference rooms ..
Abhay Thosar (8:55 PM): just to share with you, here if a person is earning 8$/hr or 80$/hr, both of them will still go to the same store and have the power to purchase the same quality of milk, vegetables and bread.
AKHIL (8:55 PM): but not on the shop floor or done anything under the burning Sun.
AKHIL (8:55 PM): its because of the sense of RESPECTING WORK.
AKHIL (8:56 PM): WORK means…… ANY WORK.
Abhay Thosar (8:56 PM): Whereas in India you can buy milk from 8Rs to 80 Rs per litre depending on your capacity to earn and spend. This is the major difference where the poor person in India is not satisfied since what ever he does is for his stomach
AKHIL (8:57 PM): well, it seems we have entered into an ENDLESS TOPIC OF DISCUSSION.
Abhay Thosar (8:58 PM): yes, but I really enjoy talking with you. Hope you dont take anything personal LOL. Anyways we all are so NAFFAT that neither of us can take anything personal LOL
AKHIL (8:58 PM): LOL
AKHIL (8:59 PM): એજ તો ખરાબી છે …. લાંબી લાંબી દુનિયાભરની પંચાત કરીને (**) ખંખેરીને ઉભા થઇ જવાનું. વધારે ભણેલા અને જાતને હોંશિયાર ગણાવતા લોકોનું ભણતર આ દેશની ઉત્પાદકતા વધારવા ક્યાં કામ લાગે છે ? સાલ્લા, (*****) લોકો આર્થિકરીતે નબળા વર્ગના વિકાસમાં અવરોધ બનીને નડે છે.
Abhay Thosar (9:00 PM): However, Please try to invoke the citizens of India to fight against the current reservation system for the better future of their kids
AKHIL (9:00 PM): પછી કયાંથી પરિવર્તન આવે ?
AKHIL (9:00 PM): તું મારી સાઇટ જોજે …. અભ્યાસ કરજે અને પછી જણાવજે.
Abhay Thosar (9:01 PM): ok
AKHIL (9:01 PM): કે, તું જે રાષ્ટ્રમાં રહિને ભણ્યો, ગણ્યો, મોટો થયો એને માટે કેનેડીયન ડોલર વડે શું કરી શકાય ? ? ?
AKHIL (9:02 PM): ભારતિયોને અમેરીકન કોલા પીતા રોકવા છે અને શેરડીનો રસ પીતા કરવા છે ….
AKHIL (9:02 PM): lol
Abhay Thosar (9:02 PM): I am always thinking of starting some business in India so that I can support atleat 5 agri graduates(open category) who would be looking for a job
AKHIL (9:03 PM): ઘાંસની ગંજીમાં સોય ? ? મને ખબર છે કે કામ બહુ મુશ્કેલ છે … પણ દોસ્ત મજા આવે છે.
AKHIL (9:03 PM): સરસ … અભિનંદન.
AKHIL (9:04 PM): ચાલ હવે જમવાનો સમય થયો.
Abhay Thosar (9:04 PM): ok enjoy ras puri
AKHIL (9:04 PM): રજા આપજો ….
AKHIL (9:04 PM): હાજી
AKHIL (9:04 PM): મજા તો કરી જ લેવાની..
Abhay Thosar (9:04 PM): well just to share with you we do not drink cola with my family and drink different juices that we can purchase
AKHIL (9:04 PM): રડી રડીને શું જીવવાનું …. એના કરતાં લડી લેવાનુ.
AKHIL (9:05 PM): સરસ …
AKHIL (9:05 PM): બાબા રામદેવ સરસ કામ કરે છે.
Abhay Thosar (9:05 PM): i do the pranayam regularly and have taught it to 2 gora’s too
AKHIL (9:05 PM): કોલાની ટોઇલેટ ક્લિનર તરીકે બાળકોને સમજ આપે છે.
AKHIL (9:05 PM): સરસ
AKHIL (9:06 PM): તન દુરસ્ત
AKHIL (9:06 PM): મન દુરસ્ત
AKHIL (9:06 PM): તો બોસ સબ દુરસ્ત
Abhay Thosar (9:06 PM): i enjoyedtalking to you. keep in touch
AKHIL (9:06 PM): ચાલ આવજે ….. નહિ તો વાસણ મારે ધોવાના થશે.
Abhay Thosar (9:06 PM): LOL
AKHIL (9:06 PM): જયહિન્દ
Abhay Thosar (9:07 PM): O canada
AKHIL (9:07 PM): સ્વદેશની યાદ તો કરાવીશ જ.


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  1. Interesting discussion. But I find a tones of hypocracy

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