.. In-conversation with Sujatha Nathan …

sujatha nathan: hi

Me: hi

sujatha nathan: u finished ur lunch

Me: yeh

Me: am veg.. u ?

sujatha nathan: pure veg

Me: good

Me: what is ur mother language ?

sujatha nathan: Tamil

Me: where were u born ?

sujatha nathan: and urs

sujatha nathan: chennai

Me: Gujarati

sujatha nathan: ooh ok

Me: do u know Gujarati ?

sujatha nathan: i dont hv gujarati friend in my list

sujatha nathan: i dont know gujarati

Me: owe.. so now u have one !!!

Me: me too donno Tamil

sujatha nathan: yes

Me: what is ur education ?

sujatha nathan: im a graduate and u

Me: am an engineer and now a film maker

Me: how old r u if I may ask

sujatha nathan: im 28

Me: umm.. hm

sujatha nathan: ur age if u dont mind

Me: musst be looking for getting married

Me: am 52

sujatha nathan: emm yes

sujatha nathan: my parents are on the job

Me: good

Me: what would you be looking for in him ?

sujatha nathan: well must be from a simple family, respect our feelings etc and simple living

Me: hmm

sujatha nathan: what u say

Me: I think people do look for values but there is no method to confirm all that except TRUST.

sujatha nathan: yeh true

Me: as such marraige is not a legal contract … but a mutual mental acceptance.

sujatha nathan: emm yes u r rite

sujatha nathan: guys they will think that we are slaves for them u know

Me: high expectations would lead to a disappointments and disagreements

Me: no .. guys have also changed the wway of thinking and percieving the life by and large.

Me: orhodox people have also changed to a greater extent.

sujatha nathan: but now a days guys in general they do enjoy the sex with other girls and they will expect the girl to

be fresh u know

Me: is SEX everything in life ?

sujatha nathan is typing…

sujatha nathan: sex is not everything , sex is part of our life

Me: there are many more aspects to be discussed and considered before making a match.

Me: its a very small part … and people who give heavy importance to SEX .. are FOOLs in my opinion.

Me: I have to go to a meeting. bye


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